Recent Appointments

College, Tipton

For Main Contractor

Taking off and BQ preparation of external works for tendering purposes

Nursing Home, Cannock

For Contractor

Estimating tender bid for Contractor along with ongoing commercial advice during construction phase.

Commercial Support

For Groundwork Contractor

Provision of ongoing commercial support and advice, as and when required, including estimating and taking off for tender bids.

Commercial Support

For Specialist River & Wetland Contractor

Provision of ongoing commercial support and advice.

Hospital, West Midlands

For M&E Contractor

Preparation of extension of time claim

Quarry, Staffordshire

For Groundwork Contractor

Preparation of Court claim and subsequent discussions with defendant’s representative, resulting in successful out of court settlement.

M&E Commercial Services

For M&E Contractor

Provision of ongoing M&E contractual and commercial advice as and when required.

Inland Marina, Oxfordshire

For Marina Developer

Review and advice on various rates, particular to this development.

Hospital, West Midlands

For M & E Contractor

Review of contract conditions, highlighting onerous clauses and recommending amendments.